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Concrete can be made into some of the most beautiful, and durable architectural masterpieces of the 21st Century. Sadly, that’s not usually the case. If you are sick of carpets or floors that have high maintenance costs, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here so that you can stand for something you are proud of.

At Southside Concrete Polishing, it’s our goal to install the very best floors that fit your needs. Every year we bring our entire team to training classes that keep us updated with the cutting edge technology to provide superior floor installation services. We aren’t just another concrete flooring company. It is our mission to make the city a better place, one epoxy or polished concrete floor at a time. We take pride in our work.

Here are a few things our customers have said about us:

  • “Best Epoxy Flooring Company In New York City”
  • “I’m Not Siskel & Ebert, But I give their Polished Concrete Services Two Thumbs Up!”
  • “If I had to marry a Concrete Contractor, I’d say I do to Southside”
  • “Most Reliable and Affordable Concrete Polishing Near Me”

Seriously though, We’re the best when it comes to grinding & polishing floors in New York City.

It is within your power to make the decision to transform your floor into a more cost-effective, durable, low maintenance, exciting and environmentally friendly solution. Not only will we provide you with flooring that will last and appreciate the value of your property, but we’ll work be on the job supervising and planning to make sure that everything is perfect and smooth.

Metallic Epoxy Showroom? Decorative Concrete Cafe? Large Commercial Kitchen? How about 21 years Guaranteed Epoxy Garage Floor? 48 hour turn around?

Whatever your flooring needs, Southside Concrete is here to meet the demand. We stay up to date by attending seminars, sampling new technology and implementing cutting-edge techniques. There is nothing about the Polished Concrete or Epoxy Floor Contracting world that we don’t know. Try Us!

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We aren’t shy. We provide the best Epoxy Flooring and Polished Concrete work in New York City and we aren’t afraid to show you.

Aesthetic Floors

With polished concrete, you can customize the designs and colors of your floors as you desire. Whether for commercial, industrial or residential use, this flooring option comes in a wide array of designs and colors to choose from.

You need not be stuck with a dull, ugly and drab looking gray concrete floor. Polished concrete will give concrete floor beauty and character.

Versatile Flooring

Polished concrete is a versatile flooring system. If done by professional hands, concrete floors can mimic the look of marbles or tiles. The nicest thing about this flowing system is you can choose the level of sheen you want depending on your needs and desires.

With some creativity and knowing the look that you want to achieve, you can get the colors and designs you really want.

Low Maintenance Flooring System

When done the proper way, a polished concrete floor requires minimal maintenance. You do not need to maintain the sheen as it is permanent. All you need to do is a little occasional mopping and sweeping. Water and chemical spills can also be easily wiped off to prevent stains.

Unique Finish Coating

The same technology and techniques used on two different concrete floors will not give the same results. As they say, there are no two floors that are exactly the same. The environment surrounding the polished concrete floor at any time of the day will give it a different look.

You can make your polished concrete floor unique by mixing colors to come up with your very own color. You can also customize the floor’s design by adding something like a colored glass or some flakes to come up with a unique finish. You can also choose the level of sheen that you desire.

Affordable Flooring Solutions

Foot traffic, hot tires, the impact from falling heavy loads are not a problem for polished concrete floors enabling you to save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance costs. This flooring option also reflects light making an area naturally brighter and eliminating the need for additional lighting.

Re-applying waxes and sealers after a few years are not necessary. This can further save you the additional cost of having to keep the floor shiny and functional.

More importantly, since polished concrete floors are easy to clean, you will not be needing expensive floor cleaners. A mop, broom, some rags, and water are all you need. Abrasive cleaning materials are a no-no though.


One of the more irresistible benefits of polished concrete is it will last for very long years. Other flooring systems, no matter how much you maintain and take care of them will last only for between five to ten years. Polished concrete, when installed properly and kept clean at all times, will last you for almost a lifetime.

Floor Sanding And Polishing Service – Why Are We The Best?

All these polished concrete benefits will become a reality only when installation is done the proper way. Visiting a home improvement shop may not give you all the information you may need for this type of flooring system.

Installing a polished concrete floor may be a fun activity you can do with family and friends. You ought to bear in mind though that if you do not do it properly, you may be spending more instead of saving a few bucks.

When you do concrete polishing yourself, you will need to rent the right equipment. You will also need to research on the proper way of doing the job. Should any complications happen along the way, you will still need to figure out how to troubleshoot the situation.

Hiring a professional concrete polishing contractor will eliminate the guesswork on the proper way of preparing and installing polished concrete. The job will be done properly and in just a short time. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Epoxy Flooring Specialists

We at Southside Concrete Polishing has been in the polished concrete and Epoxy Flooring business for the past 35 years. We have the right and latest equipment to do the job. Our crew is highly trained and skilled with the latest concrete polishing techniques. They are highly experienced, too.

We can transform your dull concrete floors into an appealing, durable, sustainable, low maintenance and fire resistant flooring system that will add value to your property. We can also provide you with the right advice regarding the right application for your concrete floor.

No residential, commercial or industrial project is too big or too small for us. We can help you take advantage of the versatility of polished concrete flooring through the various applications we specialized in for your garages, basements, patios, restrooms, lobbies and more.

We are a family owned Epoxy & Concrete Contractor operating New York. We take pride in our being honest and reliable as proven by our numerous contented clients. We only use environmentally friendly and top quality products in all our applications.

Call us and request a quote. We will gladly assist you with all your polished concrete needs to make your vision come to life.

Polished Concrete Contractor Manhattan


Coming up with a polished concrete floor that is of top quality depends on the condition of the existing concrete slabs. Regardless of the extent of the flaws and defects, the modern techniques and skills of Southside Concrete Polishing installers can transform concrete floors into good quality polished concrete floors.

When the condition of the concrete is favorable (no defects) minimal preparation is required. A polished concrete floor that is highly durable and with an attractive high gloss that is easy to maintain is then quickly achieved.

When the concrete floor is not too favorable, the job can be more complex. The expertise and skills of our crew will however still be able to prepare the concrete floor properly and install a high quality polished concrete floor.

The process of producing polished concrete involves thorough diamond grinding and the application of a liquid hardener until the desired level of sheen is achieved. Proper preparation of the concrete floor is one of the factors that will determine the success of a polished concrete installation.

Transform a dull and boring concrete floor into an artistic masterpiece. You can achieve decorative concrete by adding different materials either while pouring new concrete on the floor or after the concrete has dried. You can also transform an old concrete floor into decorative concrete.

Using such processes as polished concrete, staining, stamping, decorative overlays and more in a variety of colors and designs, concrete floors can be transformed into a fascinating art creation. Only your own creativity is the limit to the possibility that can be done with decorative concrete.

Tell us what you want and our decorative concrete specialists with superior crafting skills will put into action what you have in mind.

Decorative Concrete

Polished Concrete Brooklyn

Are you tired of the gray and dull concrete floor in your front porch or patio? Why not give it a new and exciting look with a concrete overlay. An old and worn out concrete floor can be transformed into a stunning floor with a concrete overlay.

A concrete floor will not only look much more appealing with a concrete overlay, it will also be more durable. It will be giving your concrete floor a fresh and new appearance. It will also have more strength.

Concrete floors will always have cracks, pop outs, discolorations and other forms of imperfections. Repairing concrete floors can solve these issues but traces of the repairs will be noticeable and unsightly.

We provide cost-effective solutions. Your best and cheapest option in that situation is to have a concrete overlay.

Concrete overlays can range from being a plain resurfacing to decorative overlay with limitless possibilities. Resurfacing concrete floors is an easy task especially with the skilled and highly trained crew of Southside Concrete Polishing.

Epoxy flooring is no longer just limited to hospitals, auto showrooms, and warehouses. It is not just a tough flooring surface – it is beautiful, too. Epoxy is a synthetic material that is a strong plastic material that when applied to a concrete floor can give stunning results.

A poorly maintained concrete floor can be transformed into a tough, durable and high gloss surface free of any imperfections. It is a flooring system that is easy to clean and requires very minimal maintenance.

More and more homeowners are shifting to epoxy flooring especially for their garages. It provides garages with a high gloss finish and a look that can make it seem like an extension area of any home. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy flooring is tough and durable because it is resistant to almost anything including impacts and often fire. It also prevents dust from settling on the surface making it a hygienic flooring system.

Epoxy Flakes Floors

With the expertise of the Southside Concrete Polishing, your dull and boring concrete floor will be transformed into a floor which is durable and tough, resistant to impact, water and chemicals and at the same time oozing with aesthetic value.

Why Choose Southside Concrete Polishing?

Southside Concrete Polishing New York is family owned and has been in the business of concrete floors for over 35 years. We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment to transform your dull and boring concrete floor into something that will bring you so much pride and joy.

Our concrete services cover commercial, industrial and residential concrete floors. Our concrete services are ideal for hotel and retail lobbies, warehouses, schools, hospitals, residential garages, patios, porches and more.

Where there is a concrete floor that needs refurbishing or a facelift, our concrete services will be more than willing to provide assistance. Our highly experienced installers will get the job done properly and on time.

If the first customer reviews weren’t enough for you, here are some more:

  • The Top Rated Epoxy Flooring Provider In The Tri-State Area
  • An Affordable Choice For Industrial Concrete Polishing
  • Best Stained Concrete Job I’ve Ever Seen
  • Award Winning Designs For Concrete Overlays
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  • Concrete Waterproof Sealing Extraordinaire
  • The Largest Selection of Floor Services I’ve Ever Seen

Flooring Contractor- We have the newest and Best:

  • The latest state-of-the-art Industrial Flooring equipment.
  • Our installers are equipped with the latest modern techniques of the various concrete floor applications.
  • Our installers take new training courses every year to remain certified in every new application and coating technique.
  • Our installers can refinish, grind and seal any sort of a damaged concrete floor.
  • We used only top quality and environment-friendly products in all our applications.
  • We are a licensed business entity and our installers are bonded and insured.
  • We provide hassle-free Floor Refinishing installations.
  • We complete the job on the specified time with the best quality and the right results.
  • We have affordable and competitive prices on all of our residential and commercial floors.
  • We have friendly, helpful and courteous staff and installation crew.
  • We provide a warranty on all our installations.
  • If that wasn’t enough to convince you, we’re just a pretty sweet company to work with if you’re in the market for a new floor…..

With Southside Concrete Polishing New York, there is no small or big project. We treat all our projects with the same dedication and superior and unparalleled work quality.


Call us for a free quote and we will be more than willing to assist you to make your vision a reality.