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Trending Commercial Flooring

What’s Hot in Commercial Flooring this Year and Beyond?

The trends in the flooring system keep on changing from time to time. Not only, the residential floors need uplift but the commercial flooring  in New York requires it too. Most of the business owners want perfect and aesthetically great commercial floors. It may be for their offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and much more.

The polished concrete, epoxy floors, decorative floors, etc. are much in demand. To get the right commercial flooring it is important to take the services from the experienced professionals. The Southside Concrete Polishing Company is one such popular name. We are rated among the best Polished Concrete Flooring service providers in Nyc. Let us now see some of the hottest trends that will make their way this year and beyond.

Vinyl Flooring

The Vinyl Flooring is luxurious flooring that is making rounds nowadays. The rigid core used with vinyl has made it less hectic for the professionals and technicians to correct the subfloor perfections. This kind of flooring adds extra benefit of the stronger structure.

Trending Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

This can be also used as a cheap substitute for the hardwood flooring, as these are low in maintenance. It is made from the synthetic and natural polymer material. This is mainly used in office lobbies, hospitals, schools, etc. Most of the commercial owners are opting for the Vinyl flooring because of the innovative material and availability of the designs.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring

This is another fabulous idea if you want your commercial space to leave people mesmerized. The Epoxy coating applied on the concrete floors remains durable for a long period. The industries must take services from the certified concrete flooring experts. We, at Southside Concrete Polishing, provide the Epoxy Flooring concrete coating at competent rates. We are expert in the coating to the commercial establishments for a long time.

The application of Epoxy coating over the concrete floor creates a smooth, high-performance and durable flooring system. It lasts for much time and can withstand the heavy load on its surface too. Moreover, this type of coating is being used for commercial organizations for much time. The result of its stronger bond is the blending of two chemicals as hardener and resin that creates a higher-quality concrete floor coating in Nyc.

A few reasons to choose Epoxy coating are:

    • Increased life of your floors
    • Glossy finish
    • Resistant to abrasion, water and any other kind of impact
    • It can easily blend with the concrete flooring
    • Enhancement of reflection of the light by 300%


  • No impact of the chemical spills or the dust

Using Decorative Concrete Flooring

Most of the business owners are giving a colorful twist to the commercial floors with this decorative concrete. The designs can be used as accents or the color pops with the neutrals. Even a fabulous art can be created with the help of stamping, concrete overlay on old floors, staining or polishing it with colorful hues. Even luxury vinyl is also an available option with this decorative concrete flooring in New York. Most of the companies are using a designer or colorful shades that match their brand. Although the traditional flooring is also an option, decorative concrete or vinyl flooring stands as an ideal option.

Tile Flooring

The tiles are still much in demand even with the coming up of glossy coatings or decorative concretes. The larger tiles can be seen in the commercial spaces giving it an amazing touch. Under the concrete flooring, the porcelain tiles seem the best, as they are durable. These tiles are somewhat difficult to install but if the industry is using the services of experts and innovative technology, then the porcelain tiles can be installed carefully. The decorative tiles are available in the concrete form as well as in porcelain that makes it less expensive and it last longer.

Amazing Polished Concrete Floors

The commercial establishments opt for the polished concrete floors in NYC if the old concrete floors look worn out or not in good shape. It is the best option to give a newer look to the concrete slabs. Even if there is any defect or flaw in your present concrete flooring the modern tools and types of equipment can transform it into the good quality polished concrete flooring.

Trending Commercial Flooring

To achieve the shine in the concrete flooring, the diamond grinding is done with the liquid hardener being applied to the floor space. If the floor is flawless, then the time required is less but if there are a few defects or cracks, then it may take a little more time. The larger industrial organizations or the retailers are opting for the polished concrete flooring  Nyc system. There are many reasons to choose this type of flooring:

  • Provision of the smooth and cleaner surface that is peel and scratch free
  • Making the concrete surface harder by nearly 50%
  • These are low maintenance
  • Resistant to any kind of slips
  • The availability of polished concrete is at various levels of gloss from low to high
  • After its installation, the polished concrete flooring can be used instantly
  • Increase in light reflectivity by nearly 100%
  • The proper application gives it a lifespan of 10 years


Finally, these recent trends in commercial flooring are going to give a decent and lustrous look to your commercial space. The commercial owners must take the services from the experienced professionals who can guide you on the designs, textures, pattern, the material of concrete, types of flooring, etc.

Now that you’re aware of the trending flooring system you may also check out South Side NYC for more details. You may also find Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete Overlays interesting, feel free to give it a light skim.


South Side Concrete Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete New York City

Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete Overlays

How Concrete Overlays can Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete

Concrete goes through a lot of torture throughout its lifespan. When concrete gets damaged or worn, it is common for homeowners to decide on removing the damaged slab and replacing it with fresh concrete. This can be an expensive and troublesome solution.

Removing and replacing the old concrete slab for a decorative and beautiful finish is not the only solution. Most slabs can be saved by applying an overlay. This is a simpler and more cost-effective solution.

An overlay can rejuvenate concrete and make it look good as new. The concrete overlay can also transform gray and drab concrete into one with brilliant color and pattern to add more value to your home. Concrete overlay only costs a fraction of the cost of brand new concrete.

What is a Concrete Overlay?

Concrete Overlay is topping new concrete over old concrete. The concrete overlay can be dyed, stamped or stained over old concrete to come up with a new and beautiful concrete floor.

The existing concrete surface needs to be properly prepared before applying a concrete overlay. This is to avoid a failure of application and to make sure that the overlay will have a long lifespan.

Concrete overlays have two main functions:


Concrete overlays can be installed to fix problems in the concrete surface.

  • Correct deficiencies in the concrete surface.
  • Limit deterioration due to the climate.
  • Improve drainage of the surface.
  • Make concrete resistant to skidding
  • Enhance the structural capacity of concrete

Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete Overlays

Damaged Concrete Overlays


Concrete overlays can be installed to add a touch of creativity to the appearance of a dull looking concrete.

  • Improve the appearance of concrete
  • Include various creative alterations through artistic elements such as making concrete mimic the appearance of expensive flooring solutions (e.g marble, cobblestone, etc…) or installing modern geometric designs.
Benefits of Concrete Overlays
  1. Versatile design

Concrete overlays can be painted in any hue you desire. It can be stamped with any surface design. It can also be textured and patterned. A concrete sealer can be applied for additional enhancement and shine.

There is no limit to the design of concrete overlays. Textured beads can be sprinkled to make the new concrete floor slip-resistant.

  1. Fits the concrete surface without the need for any modifications.

Concrete overlays can be poured with just a thickness of ¼ inch making it fit in the concrete surface without any need for medication of the other elements in the environment. This means that when installing concrete overlays the door frames, baseboard and even HVAC vents need not be modified to accommodate the concrete overlay in New York.

  1. Affordable

Either for practical or decorative purposes, a concrete overlay is much cheaper than a full pour of concrete. It is also cheaper than installing other flooring types such as tile. Even if you do not have a concrete slab you can install concrete overlay to the subfloor of other floor types such as linoleum.

  1. Durable

Concrete is a hard and durable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear and damage. Concrete overlays are applied on the concrete surface with a penetrating sealer. This sealer makes the new floor scuff and stain resistant.

  1. Eco-friendly

When you choose to have a concrete overlay you are using the existing concrete subfloor and only need a few more materials to produce a new floor. This is a green choice because there will be no old materials that will be thrown into the environment.

When to Use Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are used to rejuvenate old concrete. It can make concrete more functional and beautiful.

Here is some of the most common application of concrete overlays:

  • Dyes and stains are used to produce beautiful patterns and colors to re-surface an existing slab.
  • Add color, pattern, and texture to an existing concrete surface. Concrete overlays are commonly installed in pool decks, patios, and driveways.
  • Make uneven concrete level and smooth.
  • Eliminate the need to remove old concrete and install a new one.
  • Preserve an existing concrete surface.

Installing a concrete overlay in Nyc is like adding a new layer of concrete to an existing worn out concrete surface to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Some homeowners also opt to install a concrete overlay even if the existing concrete surface is still not worn out for decorative purposes.

Types of Concrete Overlays

Concrete surfaces overtime will show some form of imperfections such as discolorations, cracks, and pop outs. Of course, you can opt to repair these imperfections but they often are unattractive and noticeable.

Concrete overlays will give your concrete surface a facelift that is lower in cost than removing and replacing it.

  1. Stained Concrete Overlay

Stained Concrete overlays in Nyc are commonly used in commercial applications. A thin polymer overlay is first applied on top of an existing concrete surface. The concrete slab is then chemically stained with one or multiple colors to produce an attractive and natural looking concrete surface.

  1. Stamped Concrete Overlay

This involves the addition of stamped imprints over the overlay. The imprints can mimic the look of marble, stone, brick, tile, slate or wood on concrete. Stamped Concrete overlays in Nyc are often installed in driveways, patios, and walkways. Many homeowners also used stamped concrete overlays in interior concrete surfaces.

  1. Sprayed Concrete Overlay

This process involves spraying a finish into the concrete surface. Spayed concrete overlays have a smooth finish. You can also opt to add a textured surface to make the new concrete surface slip resistant. This type of concrete overlay is often installed in pool decks.

Rejuvenate Damaged Concrete Overlays

Preparing Concrete for Overlays

The result of Concrete overlay installation services in Nyc depends on the condition of the existing concrete surface. Weak, crumbling, scaling and dirty concrete surface will not have a successful concrete overlay installation.

To have a successful concrete overlay application all loose materials in the concrete surface should be removed by pressure washing. For more worn out concrete surfaces grinding, shot-blasting or scarifying need to be done.

Overlays are not meant to repair cracks on the existing concrete surface because it will just show up on the new concrete surface. Cracks on the concrete surface should first repair prior to the application of concrete overlays.

The possibilities of concrete overlays giving your existing concrete surfaces a complete makeover are limitless. Resurfacing worn out and the drab concrete surface is its practical function. Transforming concrete into a decorative surface provides amazing results.

Concrete overlays are best installed by professional contractors so you can achieve the decorative look you have envisioned for your concrete surface.

Did you find this article to your liking? Then please check out our website at South Side NYC or you can also check out Redo Concrete Floors and Sidewalks the Easy Way and find out more.

South Side Redo Concrete Floors and Sidewalks the Easy Way South Side

Easy Concrete Floors and Sidewalks Fix

Redo Concrete Floors and Sidewalks the Easy Way 

Aesthetics of a sidewalk depends on its durability. A crumbled and cracked sidewalk or walkway is more common than we think. Taking care when we lay it will help to protect them and keep it functional for a long time. However, we face instances where they have deteriorated already. In such instances, the only thing to do is to redo these concrete floors and sidewalks. One top service provider in this field is Southside Concrete Polishing. They have years of experience, and so we can depend on them. Using professional services will reduce costs and effort. This is because they know what to do and already have the equipment needed so we need not buy them.

Repairing Damaged and Cracked Concrete Floors, Sidewalks, and Walkways

Having damaged sidewalks and cracked walkways is no longer a disadvantage. We can change its appearance and structure overnight with a self-leveling epoxy solution. We apply this floor coating to change that broken concrete floor into a marvelous, attractive piece of the walkway in a matter of hours.

Resurfacing takes place in a methodical manner using epoxy resin. First, we prepare the old surface by cleaning and repairing any structural damages that are present. After this, we spread water using a garden brush so the old concrete will not absorb water from the new epoxy resin we spread.

After spreading epoxy resin on a surface, it is necessary to spread it uniformly. We use a wooden spreader, so we do not get any marks on the surface of the floor we repair. After allowing the needed time for drying, a fixer is applied so all the floor material remains fixed in position. This ensures uniform appearance, good aesthetics, and colorful finish for your floor.

Why is Self-leveling Epoxy Floors Preferred?

Self-leveling epoxy in Nyc has a wonderful quality in that it transforms concrete floors with extensive damage into a wonderful looking, structurally stable floor. Due to this property, the demand for this terrific construction material has increased since it was first introduced. Apart from a smooth, seamless surface finish, the surface properties of epoxy resin make it resistant to forces of deformation that can mar a surface.

Easy Concrete Floors and Sidewalks Fix

Concrete Floors and Sidewalks 

Epoxy resin spreads out evenly, filling cracks, holes, and crevices in a smooth way. All the chips and cracks on a concrete floor disappear under the glossy, attractiveness of this resin cover. Of course, it will not provide any structural changes so if your floor has inherent weaknesses, you must get that repaired first. Use the services of Southside Concrete Polishing, the number-one flooring service provider to get your floor in shape.

Self-leveling epoxy floors in Nyc need only a fraction of the money you would pay for an elaborate reconstruction of your damaged floor. You can call us at any time for a free consultation regarding your flooring solutions.

Where to Put a Concrete Overlay?

A concrete overlay is different from an epoxy resin flooring in that it is used to supplement an already existing concrete structure. Epoxy resin is more of a filler material that helps to cover the defects. The concrete overlay also does this, but it provides structural rigidity of concrete so your walkway or warehouse floor retains its strength. We put a concrete overlay in places where there is an excessive load on a concrete floor. This will include:

  • Commercial car parks
  • Industrial areas
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses

In such places, the movement of people and vehicles is more, and so you need great structural stability. Use of colors and patterns helps differentiate regions within a warehouse or a car park. We also help you incorporate navigational signage in your concrete overlay so the movement of people and traffic is organized.

Types of Overlays

We have many kinds of concrete overlays Nyc. It depends on what you want your concrete surface to look like or do.

    • Stamped concrete overlay


  •  Stained concrete overlay
  • Sprayed concrete overlay
Properties of Industrial and Residential Epoxy Flooring

Industrial buildings need a tough material for their concrete floors such as epoxy. It is tough, durable and has a high-gloss finish. Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing can apply this to any clean and porous concrete surface. Here is a look at those characteristics that make this special.

  • It is hard wearing and has a glossy appearance.
  • We can install this with ease.
  • High-gloss finish of an epoxy resin surface helps reflect light and so it makes the entire area bright.
  • Due to its slick surface, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has good anti-slip properties to allow a high degree of grip for the workers. This keeps them safe when they are working.
Advantages of a Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete is the concrete that has undergone polishing using grinding stones of minimum 800 grits. Most of the highly polished ones use 1500 or 3000 grit. Benefits of using polished concrete flooring NYC  are these:

Concrete Floors Polishing Nyc

  • It does not allow dust accumulation.
  • It withstands a high amount of footfalls, and so it has a long lifespan.
  • You have many kinds of finishes from matte to high gloss.
  • This is water and stain resistant.
  • It reflects light so you have plenty of light.

You will always choose the best option for your house or industrial area. At times, you must keep below a specific cost range. Moreover, at times, you will have to choose a material that suits the place where you lay it. Southside Concrete Polishing contractors in Nyc will help you with sound advice and even lay this flooring for you if you want. Trust on our professionals to deliver good, timely service in New York to you. You can even visit our website and check out what offerings we have for you before starting your flooring work.

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