Stained Concrete is one of the best ways to liven up a concrete slab

Concrete floors in Nyc have gotten installed for decades, but they only recently have taken off in popularity for residential applications. Initially, you would find it challenging to see them installed anywhere other than commercial and industrial properties.

However, many homeowners remain hesitant about Stained concrete flooring in NYC for their houses, mostly because they are afraid of how ugly it will stay. What they may not realize is that concrete floors get stained to take on a variety of possible colors, shades, and patterns.


Stained Concrete

While it could become a project that someone could attempt by themselves, it takes skill to get done correctly on the first try. That is why we always recommend hiring us at SS Concrete Polishing before making irreversible mistakes

There’s a reason why stained concrete floors are gaining popularity throughout New York City, NY. Read on to learn more about your new favorite flooring material.



What is Stained Concrete?

Much like epoxy floor coatings, concrete surfaces must get stained or else they will never lose their industrial appearance. The unique benefit of these floors is that they can take on the look of a variety of different materials.

If concrete wasn’t your first choice, you could easily have it look like stone, tile, or even something closer to laminate. There are several different stains available, as well as techniques, that work together for your perfect floors.Stained Concrete NYC

Primarily, one of two types of stains gets used to accomplish your final completed floor. Acid stains are the ideal choice for creating an earthy, stone-like appearance, while water-based products come in a broad spectrum of shades and hues.

Whatever appearance you’re trying to create or wherever you have concrete surfaces, you can have them all stained quickly. The process takes little time in the right hands, and you’ll get left with lasting vibrant appearances for longer.

Acid Stained Concrete

Although acid stain relies on creating a natural chemical reaction to take hold, the dye that it use

When it gets applied to the surface, it reacts to the natural levels of lime present in all concrete. Once the coloration occurs, you can enjoy many years of use without worrying about fading.

The staining process is already an ultraviolet light-resistant surface, helping you to avoid repeated applications sooner than you had anticipated. And with the right care and maintenance, you won’t need to worry about developing stains or structural issues anytime soon.

Stained Concrete Slab




Although staining concrete won’t help you hide small cracks and blemishes, it does create years of lasting color and beauty for your home. Whether you need as your interior flooring or as an updated outdoor walkway, it has many different uses to enjoy.

Acid stained concrete has a shockingly minimal number of ingredients. The only three components that it needs is water, hydrochloric acid, and metal salts for coloring.


Which Stain is Best?

As a proud homeowner, you want to give your home the best treatment possible. Unfortunately, it seems as though you can’t get a straight answer as to what the better technique to use is.

In most cases, the decision boils down to whichever one makes everyone happy. Some professional contractors still insist that acid-based products are the right choice, while others will go on for hours about all the benefits newer water-based ones offer.

If you need a specific color from your surfaces, you should go with a water-based stain as it provides more options than acid products. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a classic earth tone or stone-like appearance, acid staining will get you where you need to go.

Water stains allow for more artistic endeavors, such as custom patterns and inlays, while acids will generate a tried and true surface method. No matter which one is right for your needs, you can find the best results around by hiring us.

Why Stained Concrete?

Since the early 2000s, homeowners have started changing their floors from tile and grout, carpet, or hardwood, to polished and stained concrete. However, those who have never enjoyed them before may still ask why someone would go for them in the first place.

For starters, every home already has a concrete base surface under your existing flooring material. All that is needed to turn it into beautiful floors is the right mechanical polisher, and the skills to use it correctly.

More people are ditching carpet for allergy reasons, while many find hardwood and tile to remain too expensive. Concrete floors Nyc provide a cost-effective alternative, as well as years of usability without much maintenance.

And because it already exists in your house, there isn’t a ton of hard labor to make it presentable. If you’ve been considering upgrading your floors, then you may want to think about polished concrete floors.

Stained Concrete Contractors

Staining concrete surfaces is a straightforward process for the right flooring team. However, many companies offer it without much experience in its application.

When you need to know that you’re getting the best results possible for your home, it helps to go with the trusted local choice. See why more NYC homeowners turn to Southside Concrete Polishing for their best stained concrete floors.