What is Industrial Concrete Polishing?

Epoxy flooring describes a variety of concrete floor coating systems that are composed of a various high performance resins. Your industrial epoxy flooring typically includes two or more industrial-grade coating materials plus slip-resistant aggregate, color, stain, or dye.

These finished concrete floors in Nyc exhibit superior hardness and durability qualities that withstand loads, traffic, equipment, sudden impacts, and other constant daily operations activities put upon them. It is imperative that industrial flooring is strong, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Most industrial floor in New York substrates may be coated with decorative epoxy or other seamless and durable high-performance flooring system. Some surfaces whose integrity has been compromised due to prior earthquake activity, chemical spills, storm/flooding damage, constant abrasions and impacts, etc. are not suitable for epoxy system installations in Nyc. Other surfaces only require routine preparation.


What is the Benefit of Having an Epoxy Concrete Floor for Your Industry?

Epoxy resin concrete flooring is a safe, practical, clean, and decorative solution for your industrial space. Your base slab is protected from stains, grease, and moisture, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. You also have a strong, highly-durable, impact-proof surface once curing is complete.

Other benefits of installing a polished epoxy concrete floor include:

  • Fire- and chemical/spill- resistant
  • Dust, mold, and moisture resistant
  • Impact, chip, and scratch resistant
  • Non-shrink (in high temp and humidity)
  • Longevity
  • Reflectivity - increases natural light from its gloss
  • Easy care/easy to clean
  • No-slip (textured options)
  • No-wax
  • Able to be customized (no-fade colors)
  • Versatility (other applications may easily be installed over it)
  • Reduces equipment and vehicle wear


Safety and Liability

We thoroughly clean and prep epoxy concrete floor Nyc bases to ensure voids, crevices, stains, or defects are eliminated and do not bleed through or create product deterioration where it becomes unsafe to your employees or customers . Texture and sealers also help prevent your epoxy concrete flooring from becoming slippery when wet. Tripping, slipping, and falling incidents are lessened by the smooth, defect-free surface.

Compliant and Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy concrete floors retain heat and/or air conditioning that help your business conserve energy. NATURAL LIGHT is also enhanced as a result of the floor’s reflective finish. The solid epoxy resin is FIRE- and CHEMICAL-RESISTANT. The underlayment protects from humidity, moisture, and dampness that breeds molds and fungi. The material naturally deters dust buildup.

All work successfully well in particular commercial environments under certain conditions. Some are used together to create unique ever-lasting, environmentally-friendly solutions.


NO WAXING, NO STRIPPING, NO RE-POLISHING! The only routine maintenance required is a once-a-week water wiping or swabbing. Installed baseboards along your polished floor edge prevent fluids from seeping into the crevices where the concrete floor and wall meet. No worry about moisture or fungi buildup!

Do These Epoxy Concrete Floors Have A Downside?


Existing or new concrete substrates require experienced professional floor preparation to ensure epoxy system installed properly and permanently adheres. Your industrial epoxy flooring will not adhere properly and longevity will be compromised as a result if your existing concrete base:

  • is structurally unsound
  • is cracked, severely pitted, or chipped
  • is stained, has chemicals or oil residue
  • has moisture vapor or humidity issues
  • is located where it is exposed to extreme temperatures


Because epoxy resins do not “breathe,” humidity and floor moisture can directly impact the success and durability of the epoxy concrete floor installation over time. A vapor barrier may need to be installed to protect top layers from underlying cracks and crevices that can trap moisture and cause the floor to buckle, bubble, or the adhesive to fail.

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Types of Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floors

Epoxy Mortar Flooring

Epoxy mortar flooring is the strongest seamless epoxy floor system on the market. It effectively repairs old concrete substrate. It is a more costly high-build industrial flooring system solution that is composed of 100-percent epoxy solids and graded quartz or sand. The resin mixture is applied and troweled-in-place.

This is an extreme industrial flooring system designed for areas that are prone to high-impact or chemical operations such as heavy equipment, manufacturing, or mechanical room areas.

Epoxy Terrazzo Concrete Overlay

Seamless epoxy terrazzo concrete overlay is a durable, long-life, low maintenance solid epoxy resin matrix that may be pigmented to achieve multiple design colors. It is a no-shrink material making single monolith pours cost-effective, efficient, and long-lasting. Aggregates such as glass, granite, or marble chips, and other synthetic pieces may be added. It is the “BEST THIN-SET AVAILABLE” with a very quick 12-hour pour-to-grind time. INSTALL – CURE OVERNIGHT – POLISH THE NEXT DAY!

Aggregate Epoxy Floors

Aggregate epoxy concrete flooring is the most decorative of epoxy concrete floors but it also affords the most safety. Aggregate is placed into the epoxy and troweled. The textured epoxy flooring provides an anti-slip and grip making it suitable for areas prone to dampness, such as kitchens or restroom/shower areas, loading docks, etc.

Preparing for Industrial Epoxy Flooring Installation

Premium epoxy resin systems are used because industrial flooring must endure extreme foot and equipment traffic, heavy loads, chemicals and spills, and impacts. All these wear, scratch, pit, and chip the floor. It is essential then, that the existing concrete slab be in sound condition without defects or distortions.

Seamless epoxy flooring systems can be installed over existing concrete slabs and coatings. Surface preparation ensures contaminants do not distract from the desired smooth, seamless, and aesthetic polished floor.

Our Southside Concrete Polishing Team thoroughly cleans and preps the existing concrete surface using any of the vacuum diamond or hand diamond grinding, sanding, or metal shot blasting techniques.

  1. We dampen the existing concrete surface with water and apply filler compound where it is needed and decontaminating products on existing stains and spills. Using diamond grit pads, the concrete surface is ground until it is uniformly smooth.
  2. Densifying and hardening products are applied and polished using ceramic tools. Our professional polishing team polishes and re-polishes with increasingly finer high diamond grit pads until the surface achieves a distinct reflective appearance.
  3. Customer-requested color, dyes, stains, markings or logos, and other aesthetic enhancements are added and sealed. We apply 2-3 coats of penetrating sealer, allowing ample dry time between coats.
  4. Curing time is approximately one hour. A final buff to achieve the desired final finish is completed and foot- and load-traffic may resume.



Added Enhancements

Stains, Dyes, Colors

Acid or chemical stains and water or acetone dyes are used to alter the natural color of the pre-hardened concrete, which is revealed during polishing. Dyes offer a wide variety of vivid colors iron oxide and acid stains do not provide. Colors denote safe traffic areas, hazard zones, or accent break/rest and activity areas.


Sealers are necessary to keep moisture, dirt, spills, and other contaminants from seeping under the polished surface and settling between it and your concrete base. Be aware that no single type of sealer works equally well for all polishing project environments. Hybrid sealers are generally suitable for most polished concrete floors:

  • Epoxy silicates
  • Acrylic waxes
  • Metalized waxes
  • Silanes
  • Siloxanes

Why Hire the Professionals?

To enjoy the full benefits of concrete overlays, leave the job to South Side Concrete Polishing. It can be a difficult do-it-yourself project. Decorative designs can be done manually for simple patterns and designs. The more complex ones can be done by a computer software.  Southside Concrete Polishing installers are well equipped with the latest techniques and skills using different overlay materials. They can also provide you with expert and creative ideas as well as all the possibilities concrete overlay can do with your concrete floor.  Concrete overlays are easier and more convenient to install than other concrete flooring options. They can simply be installed over a properly prepared concrete floor surface to create a new aesthetically beautiful concrete floor with your very own designs, patterns, and color.